About Us

ASODH, Action Solidarité pour le Développement Humain is a non-profit association recognized as being of public utility, non-denominational, apolitical, which has been working since 1996 in Africa and the Middle East for the benefit of marginalized rural populations in great difficulty.


Promote inter-community social cohesion, a factor of peace, mainly by supporting training, awareness-raising, educational support actions and also any action aimed at better communication between the different communities present on the same territory, sharing a community of destiny and of life.


Training, the transmission of knowledge, exchanges, are for us accelerators of social peace. “When we share a material good, it divides, when we share an immaterial good such as knowledge, it multiplies” Serge Soudoplatoff. Moreover, there is no lasting and beneficial impact of aid without the full voluntary involvement of local actors and the populations benefiting from this aid.


We act in support of local associations that implement projects that we have validated together. We provide them with the technical (training, awareness, capacity building, etc.) and financial resources to carry out the projects and ensure their sustainability.

We mobilize experts and associative partners to intervene in support or in addition to projects in order to better cover existing needs and strengthen the impact of our action.